About DJ 5Rivers

About DJ 5Rivers

DJ 5Rivers LLC provides Intelligent Lighting, Dhol Players, Live Performers, & Visual Services.

Services are custom tailored to fit your exact needs, from providing the perfect entertainment and event lighting to complete event planning and coordination. DJ5Rivers will transform your entire event into an unforgettable extravaganza! After meeting with you, visiting your venue and understanding your exact needs, our experienced staff creates an itinerary and soundtrack for your special occasion. Schedule an appointment today with us to experience why we are the best Indian wedding DJ.

DJ 5Rivers LLC has been providing quality entertainment services. We offer talented artistic Disc Jockey (DJ), professional & interactive Master of Ceremony (MC), elegant and sophisticated Event Lighting w/ Light Jockey (LJ).

Our goal is to provide you unforgettable experience of the lifetime. We believe the best way to achieve our goal is to focus on two important factors of an event – Sound & Presentation. Therefore we use latest & top-quality audio equipment’s to bring you not loud but a clear sound to soothe your ears. We emphasizes on the neat & clean equipment setup, well-dressed & well-mannered DJs & MCs, and latest & greatest lighting equipment’s to provide organized and remarkable presentation. We do one time one thing which is only DJing.

We strongly believe quality over quantity therefore we accept limited bookings to ensure the quality is not jeopardize in lieu of making profit. We have never subcontracted our work to other DJ companies and never will. We always introduce our event team to our clients prior to the event so that you feel comfortable working with them and have no surprises at the end. Therefore we strongly recommend securing your event date ASAP for a guaranteed spot.

As we all know, every event is unique so are the people attending them. That’s why our experienced and highly skilled DJs are able to select music that is suited to the crowd rather than standardizing it. Our DJs have the experience of both club and private scenes and they are well known to accommodate all types of crowds.

Most important of all, we love music and that is why we love to go the extra mile to bring you the entertainment beyond your imagination. Please listen to our music samples to give you a better understanding of our DJs talent. Each and every song of the night is blended together smoothly that you will not even realize the song transactions.

Our MCs are experienced in event management and planning. They have the personality and voice to bring out the energy and the excitement in the crowd. They are very interactive and entraining so that everyone can feel the same level of excitement. They are friendly and outgoing yet cognizant. Therefore they know when to step in to MC and when to let others take the lead. They will provide you a memorable introduction that will make you feel like a celebrity.

We believe that the quality of work is the most important factor to achieve client’s satisfaction and loyalty. Therefore we have never believed in gimmicks and flashy offers to attract clients but rather strive to provide a quality services that is self-explanatory. Please give a call or email us for further inquiry.


DJ 5Rivers